How do the structure and processes of a cell enable it to survive?

Cells Alive! Cell Models and Interactives

Visit the above website and conduct an introductory investigation.
You will keep these notes as we will be building on to them and using them for unit projects.
You are investigating the following:

a. What is the difference between EUKAROYTIC vs. PROKARYOTIC?
b What are the similarites/differences of a general ANIMAL CELL vs. a general PLANT CELL?
c. What is the CELL THEORY?
d. Know the main function of the following organelles:

endoplasmic reticulum

e & f. Each type of macromolecule has a special function in a cell. There are 4 macromolecules.
They are NUCLEIC ACIDS, LIPIDS, PROTEINS & CARBOHYDRATES. What do is each macromolecules main job?

Notes for Biological Principles (Cells!) --->

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Here is the link for the Cell Analogy project.


Tutorial and Cell Quizzes --- > How much do you know?!

Here's another great site ---> Cells Alive!

Use this Quizlet to help you prepare for this unit: A.1 Basic Biological Principles