Cell Growth and Reproduction

  • DNA structure and function
  • Replication
  • Mitosis
  • Meiosis


Project introduction and due dates ---->

Cancer Investigation and Research Project >>>>>>>>

Research Sites:
NOVA Cancer Warrior

The Actual Video: The Secret of Photo 51 documentary (video)

Nova Website: The Secret of Photo 51

Timeline: a Scavenger Hunt ----> DNAi.org
DNA -- The Code Use this link to learn more about DNA's history. "Throughout history, people have speculated on the substance that carries the instructions to make life. What carries hereditary information from one generation to the next? How does it all work? In Code, find out how these questions were answered. Follow the scientists who made the discoveries and the mistakes as they unraveled the mystery of the DNA code."

external image strawberry-clipart-black-and-white-608-00247728w.jpgDID YOU MISS THE STRAWBERRY DNA EXTRACTION LAB? Use this link to watch a video about a similar lab activity

* M I T O S I S *


(A) Mitosis Lab -----> Online Mitosis Lab---->
  1. Use the above link to complete "Online Lab: Mitosis"
  2. Keep the 'Online Mitosis Lab" packet for the section item below...
  3. Move on to part "B"

(B) MITOSIS interactive ("Cells Alive!") After working through the Cells Alive Mitosis interactive, please answer the following questions. Use the back/last page of the Online Mitosis Lab packet (A above) to record your answers to the following:
  1. What three (3) things are occurring during TELOPHASE?
  2. A replicated chromosome is made up of...? [be specific]
  3. What happens to the chromosomes during METAPHASE?
  4. What occurs to the chromatids during ANAPHASE?
Make sure your name is on the packet. Turn it in to your class bin.

(C) MITOSIS = division of the cell's nucleus
check out the mitosis animation; observe the parts and activities.
while you're on this site, click the menu selection arrows above and review BOTH DNA structure and DNA replication. There is nothing to submit for this part C, however, you need to know MITOSIS...how it happens...where it happens....when it happens....and why it happens.

(D) DO LAST: Animation & Quiz
  1. Complete animation
  2. Do it again to be sure you "get it."
  3. Scroll down below the animation
  4. Complete the quiz to test your knowledge
  5. Email your results to me -- zulma_gonzalez@conestogavalley.org

(E) Make sure you have a copy of the MITOSIS S*T*A*R* sheet from the front lab table. You should know all of the items listed on the S*T*A*R* sheet. Turn the sheet around and complete the word search.

(F) Complete the MITOSIS WEBQUEST.
Use this link ---> M I T O S I S W E B Q U E S T
Go to the "Web Portion of Student Activities; follow instructions on the worksheet.
Turn in the Webquest when completed.

Practice what you know: Take this MITOSIS practice quiz

More cool stuff!


Meiosis Tutorial ---->


Meiosis: Crossing over tutorial

Independent Assortment (meiosis)---->


Karyotype Lab

Use this Quizlet to help you prepare for this unit: Cell Growth & Reproduction