Cell Analogy Student Work examples

Cell Analogy:

Use your beautiful brain and resources (notes, handouts, internet) to research the functions of cell organelles, organize your notes and create an analogy of a cell and its organelles.
  1. meet with your group to discuss and decide your analogy
  2. decide if your cell is a plant cell or an animal cell
  3. post your initial analogy idea on PADLET
    1. Block 1 = click here for the PADLET webpage
    2. Block 2 = click here for the PADLET webpage
    3. Block 3 = click here for the PADLET webpage

  4. each individual will be responsible for at least two (2) organelles from the following list:
    1. Nucleus
    2. Endoplasmic reticulum
    3. Chloroplast
    4. Plasma (cell) Membrane
    5. Cytoskeleton
    6. Nucleolus
    7. Ribosome
    8. Cell wall
    9. Cytoplasm
    10. Chromatin
    11. Golgi Bodies/Apparatus
    12. Mitochondria
    13. Vacuole
    14. Nuclear Membrane
    15. Lysosomes
  5. Use your notes, blackboard, handouts and WIKI (internet) resources to gather and organize your information
  6. Decide what will represent each of the parts of the cell as part of your analogy.
  7. Draw and label the parts. Each person is responsible for their own cell parts.
  8. Write your explanation of what part of the cell is represented by what part of the analogy and why.

The Whiteboard Presentation
There are 2 parts of the board presentation:

• Part 1 – The analogy. You should have a well drawn or constructed picture of your analogy (i.e. if you were doing a cell factory, you would have a picture of a factory and each of the parts of your analogy), and short 1-2 sentence description of each organelle analogy.

Each individual will speak, presenting about their two organelles.

• Part 2 - Structure and function on an INDEX CARD. Each individual uses an index card to report on their two (2) organelles. Index card should include:
a) Cell type
b) Analogy title
c) Identify 2 organelle
d) What is the organelle’s role/job/function
e) How does that organelle’s job connect to the analogy?

Web Resources for your cell analogy:

I forgot! What is an analogy?! check it ---> Learn here!

Learn, clarify, teach:

Grading (total 30 points)

Your whiteboard presentation will be evaluated individually according to the following
criteria on a scale from 1 to 5.

A “1” would mean that you did not meet my expectations for that section of the project.
A “5” would mean that you went above and beyond and exceeded my expectations on that section of the project. A five will only be given if that specific section is exceptionally good lacking any errors!

Use these categories below before you finalize your presentation to make sure you have met all of the requirements.

Grading Categories

1. Accuracy and Clarity of Analogy (10 points). Does the analogy make sense? Are all of the organelles included? Are the descriptions of each analogy clear and complete? Are the descriptions of each analogy of the required length?

2. Accuracy of Organelle Description (10 points). Are the functions of each organelle correct? Do you state how you can tell if your cell is a plant or animal?

3. Creativity (5 points). Is your analogy creative? For a project with average creativity, you will receive an average score. If you choose to do “A Cell City” you will receive 0 points for this section, as I already gave you that idea.

4. Completion & Organization (5 points). Does your project include all of the necessary parts? Is it organized? Does it show a high amount of effort?