Friday, May 23 -->

Getting to Know Your Kidneys

Use these websites to complete the webquest:

Tuesday, May 24 -->

Urinalysis Pre lab Research
Complete "What is your urine telling you?" using the following sites. Additionally, on the back of the paper define/connect the following terms to your Excretory System. Diabetes National Health Inst., Diabetes organization, Web Md
  • monosaccaride
  • polysaccaride
  • hormone
  • insulin
  • glucagon
  • hypogylcemia
  • hyperglycemia
  • glycemic index
  • Type 1 vs. Type 2 diabetes
  • gestational diabetes
  • ADH
  • what is glycogen and where is it made?

Thursday, May 29 and Friday, May 30 --->

  1. Study/review Anatomy of the Excretory system (not the nephron....yet.)
  2. Review this tutorial (Urinalysis Link)
  3. Use the above tutorial and your lab experience to complete Urinalysis Lab questions and submit the paper for points
  4. View this presentation on Urine -->
  5. Using the presentation take notes on the characteristics of urine and what it means to have excess glucose, proetein, pus, RBC, bile or hemoglobin in the urine.
  6. Just for fun: Urinalysis Interactive:
  7. Hormones (Notes/Webquest) due by the end of the block on Friday, 5/29:
    - Download/print this ADH document. Use the web links to complete the ADH document. If you cannot open/access the interactives that are part of the websites. Problem solve. Find another site with the information.
  8. Diagram. due by the end of the block on Friday, 5/29:
There were numerous terms (listed under Tuesday, May 28th above) that you should have research
as part of your pre lab for Urinalysis. Using your research notes and class notes, draw a diagram
that shows the relationship between the following:

insulin, glucagon, pancreas, high blood sugar, low blood sugar, glycogen, liver, body cells and blood.

Indicate when and why insulin and glucagon are released and what happens when they are released.

Use color pencils. You may include clip art printed from your laptop. Diagram should be drawn on the large white construction paper.